Lindsey – Model Portfolio Photography

Any portrait shoot, especially one for a model’s portfolio, is a collaboration between the subject and the photographer. In larger shoots, others may contribute as well such as a hair and makeup artist, stylist, agent, or art director. In this case, Lindsey had an idea of the type of images she wanted. She created a Pinterest mood board so that she could share images similar to the style she was looking for. We agreed on two separate sessions. The first would be in our studio. These images would be dark and moody, including some props like a black fedora and a Japanese sword. Lindsey has a black belt in Karate, receiving the sword with her black belt.

Virginia Beach Model Photography

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Dance Recital Photography

Bright lights, sparkling costumes, and the smell of hairspray in the air. Dancers anxious to perform help each other to relax and stretch backstage while they wait for their time to shine. When that time finally does come, they make their family, friends, and teachers proud. Capturing these moments with professional photography will give you keepsakes for years to come. Hampton Roads Photography has been photographing dancers and dance schools for over 25 years.

Hampton Roads Photography has been photographing dancers and dance schools for over 25 years. We will come to your school prior to your recital to get the beautifully posed and lit images that will make you proud.

Dance Recital Photography

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Stephanie – Virginia Beach Model Photography

While many strive to become triple threats, Stephanie Semiday is a quadruple threat with ease. She is persuasive as a camera and theater actor, sways audiences with beautiful ballads and commands the stage as a powerful dancer. Yet, even with all this in her entertainment repertoire, she still manages to peer into the lens of a camera and give a photographer exactly what they need to capture a superb picture. With her family’s recent move to Washington state, she decided to open herself up to the possibility of more modeling work, including swimsuit modeling. We shot pictures on-site at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Stephanie is a joy to work with and we hope to see her succeed in all areas in Washington state.

If you are interested in building your modeling portfolio, contact us today. We have a variety of packages from basic head shots to complete portfolio shoots.

Virginia Beach Model Portfolio Photography

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Kelsey and Christian – Shenandoah Wedding Photography

We have been looking forward to this wedding ever since we learned of Kelsey’s engagement to Christian. Originally, the wedding was going to be later in the year, but Christian received orders to move to Washington DC where he will become part of the U S Coast Guard Honor Guard. He said he wasn’t going to move without Kelsey, so an earlier wedding was planned. They chose The Pavilion at Shenandoah Woods. This location is only 4 years old, but has quickly become one of Virginia’s premier wedding locations. Weather was perfect for this late June wedding. The couple kept this event more intimate but are planning a much bigger reception later in the year.

Congratulations to Kelsey and Christian and thank you for having us as your wedding photographers.

Shenandoah Mountains wedding photography

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