Bcause Head Shots Hampton Roads Photography

Head Shot Photography – Bcause LLC

Bcause LLC is building the world’s first full-stack cryptocurrency ecosystem, which will include a digital mining facility, spot market, regulated derivatives exchange and clearing house. Bcause has filed with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission to become a designated contract market (DCM) and intends to file with the Commission to establish a derivatives clearing organization (DCO). Once regulatory approvals are in place, and trading and clearing begins in derivatives, Bcause will become the only venue to serve as a one-stop shop for all parts of the digital currency value chain. Bcause has laid the groundwork to launch in 2018, initially with its state-of-the-art digital mining facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia – the largest facility of its kind in North America – and in the first half of the year with spot trading. The company is headquartered in Virginia Beach, with additional operations in Chicago.

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Greenbrier Neighbors Magazine Hampton Roads Photography

Greenbrier Neighbors Magazine

We are delighted to announce that Hampton Roads Photography has been chosen as the contributing photographer for the new Greenbrier Neighbors magazine. We will be providing the cover image and editorial photos for the feature family of the month. Greenbrier Neighbors is published by Best Version Media and is mailed to over 6000 residents of the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, Virginia. Articles will be informative, educational and fun.

Greenbrier Neighbors Magazine Hampton Roads Photography

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Personal Branding Photography Hampton Roads Photography

Personal Branding Photography – Part 3

In our first post on Personal Branding Photography, we met Dr. Deana Duggin of Find the Balance Chiropractic. Her first set of images focused on lifestyle photographs. These gave us a look into her values and interests. In this set of images, we see Dr. Duggin at work in her office. She has a beautiful suite of offices that are very comfortable and welcoming. Combined with her previous images, she now has a library of images that define her personal brand. These can be used on her website, social media, marketing publications, etc.

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Personal Branding Photography – Part 2

We introduced personal branding photography in our last post. In this post, we continue to share the importance of photography in controlling your brand.

Investing in high-quality, authentic personal branding photography is required if you want your visuals to play a crucial role in delivering the personality of your brand. Your branding is about influencing the way consumers think about you and your business or product. As a result, personal branding photography can have a huge impact your business and your bottom line. Custom photography is an asset, therefore having a library of image files to pull from can save you time and money over the long-term.

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Personal Branding Photography Hampton Roads Photography

Personal Branding Photography

With the new year, we are introducing a new service, personal branding photography. The idea of personal branding began when Fast Company magazine ran a cover article called “The Brand Called You” by Tom Peters in 1997. So what is personal branding? Your personal brand is your reputation, which is defined by your character. Your personal brand is also your legacy; it’s the way others remember you through your actions, your expertise, and the emotional connections that you make. Your personal brand shows your authenticity from the inside out. (Chritton, Susan (2014-06-25). Personal Branding For Dummies. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, once said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”.
While it’s impossible to control what others say about you, it’s imperative you guide it. Your personal brand is something you can consciously manage.  You manage your personal brand by putting out into the world what you wish to be known for. Said another way, you are what you do. What I see of you is what I believe you are. Thoughts become things. What do you want to be known for? This is you defining your personal brand. Once you’ve defined your personal brand, how do you show it? This is where your personal branding photo shoot comes into play. When you hear coaches and marketers talk about “being seen” or gaining more visibility, a big part of that is the actual images.

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Virginia Beach Family Photography Hampton Roads Photography

Virginia Beach Family Portraits – The Chivers

We had such a fun session with Randy, Angie, Raven and Izzie at the Lake Lawson/Lake Smith Natural Area in Virginia Beach. The fall leaves were peaking in color and the clothing they wore was perfect for the location. I’ll let Randy tell you about their experience:
“Our experience with Hampton Roads Photography was amazing. When we made the appointment, we told Carl where we wanted to go to do our shoot. We found out that he went out the day before, on his own time, to scout the lake where we were going to be. He took us on this walk through the woods to our first location. The quaint little area he took us to had everything we needed. Most of our shoot was done right there. Then he took us to one other area that also was perfect. I so appreciated him scouting out the many acres available to make our afternoon a success. During the photo session, Carl was so patient as he directed us. He made us laugh, and allowed us to truly enjoy being out there. I even got to help by being his lighting assistant. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. We made memories this day, and thank Carl for being such a pro. We will be using him for all our future occasions.”
Thanks Chivers for a beautiful family portrait session. I look forward to future sessions.
Our family portrait special is in effect until the end of the year. Linit sessions are available. Contact us today!

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Virginia Beach Family Photography Hampton Roads Photography

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Do You Sell The Digital Files?

Do We Sell Digital Files
We often are asked this question, or we are told: “we only want the digital files”. We have made a decision to be a studio that sells wall portraits, prints, and albums. We will include a low resolution digital file with each print ordered. It will be sized for social media and branded with our logo. Why is this? Michelle Celentano, a family portrait photographer from Arizona explains it well:

I Believe in Photographs

“I believe in photography – but more than that I believe in photographs. Printed photographs are tangible. We can hold on to them, pass them around, frame them and hang them on a wall. Portraits albums can be treasured and looked through by children for years to come. I am without a doubt passionate about creating photographs – real pictures – printed on professional papers. I want your children, their children, my children and future grandchildren looking at and holding onto tangible photographs.
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Fall Family Portrait Sale

The leaves are changing color, temperatures are dropping and Christmas is coming. This is traditionally the time that families have their portraits made. Because of this, we are now offering our annual family portrait sale. For just $250 we will photograph your family and print your favorite image into a 16×20 wall portrait. This is a saving of $200 over our regular pricing. You will also receive 10% off all gift portraits. We can photograph you at your home or other outdoor location of your choice.
Expect us to also photograph different groupings and individuals of your whole family. The session will be fun for everyone. Don’t wait. This special runs until the end of 2017. Call today to schedule your session.
Fall Family Portrait Sale Hampton Roads Photography
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Actor Head Shots – Patrick Spain

Patrick is in his last year as a Theatre major at Regent University. Regent has an outstanding Theatre program, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. We frequently provide actor head shots for students at Regent University. Many have gone on to successful careers in acting and performing.
Patrick is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina. He will be graduating in the spring. Before that time you will be able to see him in many performances at the University. After graduation, Patrick is planning on returning to the Raleigh area. I’m sure people there will be able to see him in local performances. I expect after a short time, he will move on to bigger and better roles. As you can see from these images, Patrick has quite a range that will help land some exciting roles in theatre and cinema. Be sure to see him and other Theater Arts students during performances at the Regent theater this season.
If you are an actor or performer, your head shot is your most important tool to land roles. Don’t settle for anything but the best professional head shot photography. A professional head shot will get you the roles that you want. You want to stand out to the casting directors. Call us today to schedule your session. We offer student discounts.

Virginia Beach Actor Head shots  Hampton Roads Photography

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Dance and Model Photography – Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Hurricane Maria was a terrible storm. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were leveled by it. Fortunately, by the time Maria reached our latitude, she had weakened and stayed offshore. The results for our area were higher than normal tides, rough surf, and blustery winds. Conditions like this are unusual. We decided to take advantage of it to create these amazing images of Jessica. We first did a fashion look. The gown caught the wind making beautiful lines in the fabric. After that, Jessica went to one of her dance costumes, also with a flowing skirt. In this case, we both went into the surf which became a challenge trying not to get knocked over by the powerful undertow. Cameras and salt water don’t mix. We finished with a long flowy length of fabric that mimicked the color of the surf foam and a few photos in the nearby dunes. We both had so much fun on this shoot. I hated to see it end.

Model Photography - Virginia Beach Oceanfront

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