Actor Head Shots – Patrick Spain

Patrick is in his last year as a Theatre major at Regent University. Regent has an outstanding Theatre program, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. We frequently provide actor head shots for students at Regent University. Many have gone on to successful careers in acting and performing.
Patrick is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina. He will be graduating in the spring. Before that time you will be able to see him in many performances at the University. After graduation, Patrick is planning on returning to the Raleigh area. I’m sure people there will be able to see him in local performances. I expect after a short time, he will move on to bigger and better roles. As you can see from these images, Patrick has quite a range that will help land some exciting roles in theatre and cinema. Be sure to see him and other Theater Arts students during performances at the Regent theater this season.
If you are an actor or performer, your head shot is your most important tool to land roles. Don’t settle for anything but the best professional head shot photography. A professional head shot will get you the roles that you want. You want to stand out to the casting directors. Call us today to schedule your session. We offer student discounts.

Virginia Beach Actor Head shots  Hampton Roads Photography

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Dance and Model Photography – Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Hurricane Maria was a terrible storm. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were leveled by it. Fortunately, by the time Maria reached our latitude, she had weakened and stayed offshore. The results for our area were higher than normal tides, rough surf, and blustery winds. Conditions like this are unusual. We decided to take advantage of it to create these amazing images of Jessica. We first did a fashion look. The gown caught the wind making beautiful lines in the fabric. After that, Jessica went to one of her dance costumes, also with a flowing skirt. In this case, we both went into the surf which became a challenge trying not to get knocked over by the powerful undertow. Cameras and salt water don’t mix. We finished with a long flowy length of fabric that mimicked the color of the surf foam and a few photos in the nearby dunes. We both had so much fun on this shoot. I hated to see it end.

Model Photography - Virginia Beach Oceanfront

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Caitlin – Chesapeake Senior Portraits

The beautiful Caitlin is a senior at Great Bridge High School. She is the captain of the debate team and has been a member of their Model UN program winning team. She also is on their yearbook staff.

Caitlin has been involved in dance since she was around 4 years old. She currently dances at the Academie de Ballet and Masterworks in Chesapeake. She has a feature role as Snow White in Masterwork’s  December production of Storyland Christmas.

Caitlin plans on attending the Savannah College of Art and Design after finishing high school. She will be studying Architecture and Interior Design.

Thanks so much Caitlin for the opportunity to create your senior portraits. We look forward to seeing you in Storyland Christmas.


Caitlin, Senior Portraits, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Oak Grove park, Chesapeake Arboretum, Dancer, Great Bridge High School

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Catalog Photography – Trend Locker

Daniella contacted us for photos for her new online boutique, The Trend Locker. She needed traditional catalog photos on a white background to replace the stock photos provided by the clothing manufacturer. She also wanted some photos done in an urban environment. For the studio photos, she had to use her makeup artist, Destiny Jennings of DestinyNoirMUA. Having been a model in the past, Destiny fit right into the look we wanted. Her makeup and hair skills were also outstanding.

Virginia Beach Clothing Catalog Photography

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Jessica – Model Portfolio Shoot

Jessica and I have been shooting together for many years. She is always ready for a photo shoot, whether it be dance photos or fashion style images. We have been all over eastern Virginia over the years, always looking for interesting locations.

This is our third shoot in Smithfield, obviously a favorite of ours. We also love the shrimp and grits at the nearby Smithfield Inn! We began at the Historic St. Luke’s Church, just south of Smithfield.  Historic St. Luke’s is the oldest surviving church building in Virginia. The 17th-Century structure was originally an Anglican Church.

From there we went to Windsor Castle Park which also has the grape vines for the recently established Smithfield Winery. he park is fast becoming a favorite of locals and visitors to Smithfield. It is definitely a beautiful location for photography.

I always look forward to our shoots together. I only hope I can do justice to her beauty. Jessica makes my job so easy.

Model Portfolio Photography

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Head Shots – Masterworks Touring Company

Hampton Roads Photography has had a long relationship with the Masterworks Touring Company. With excellence and integrity, their vision is to use God-given creativity to give Him glory and bring restoration and redemption to the arts, cultures and people groups around the world. Each year we create new head shots and group photos as they prepare for the new season of performances. This year the Touring Company is made up of six dancers, Jessica Hartsfield, Emileigh Earlenbaugh, Krystal Descano, Olivia Shedd, Elise Hughes and Quinn Ricks.

In the upcoming season, they will be performing at the CBN Rosh Hashanah event in September, Pembroke Mall, MacArthur Mall and Cedar Manor in December, The Wave Church Women’s Conference in February, The Stockley Gardens Art Festival in May and the Miss Virginia Pageant in June. Other events will most likely be added. In April, they are looking at another missions trip. This year the Touring Company went to Amsterdam to dance in the red light districts, sharing their message.

Masterworks Touring Company Head Shots

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James – Virginia Beach Senior Portraits

James has been playing baseball since he was around 7 years old. He currently plays left field for Salem High School in Virginia Beach. He and his mother found some images that they liked, hoping for similar photos of James. We love getting suggestions like that. It lets us know the customer’s thinking and preferences for their portraits.

James and I had a great time during this shoot, talking sports (mostly baseball) and his future plans. He is a New York Yankees fan. He hasn’t decided on a college yet, but I’m sure he will be on their baseball team. The water images made a bit of a mess. However, we were both thrilled with the results. Good luck James!


Virginia Beach Senior Portraits

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Lindsey – Model Portfolio Photography

Any portrait shoot, especially one for a model’s portfolio, is a collaboration between the subject and the photographer. In larger shoots, others may contribute as well such as a hair and makeup artist, stylist, agent, or art director. In this case, Lindsey had an idea of the type of images she wanted. She created a Pinterest mood board so that she could share images similar to the style she was looking for. We agreed on two separate sessions. The first would be in our studio. These images would be dark and moody, including some props like a black fedora and a Japanese sword. Lindsey has a black belt in Karate, receiving the sword with her black belt.

Virginia Beach Model Photography

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Dance Recital Photography

Bright lights, sparkling costumes, and the smell of hairspray in the air. Dancers anxious to perform help each other to relax and stretch backstage while they wait for their time to shine. When that time finally does come, they make their family, friends, and teachers proud. Capturing these moments with professional photography will give you keepsakes for years to come. Hampton Roads Photography has been photographing dancers and dance schools for over 25 years.

Hampton Roads Photography has been photographing dancers and dance schools for over 25 years. We will come to your school prior to your recital to get the beautifully posed and lit images that will make you proud.

Dance Recital Photography

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Stephanie – Virginia Beach Model Photography

While many strive to become triple threats, Stephanie Semiday is a quadruple threat with ease. She is persuasive as a camera and theater actor, sways audiences with beautiful ballads and commands the stage as a powerful dancer. Yet, even with all this in her entertainment repertoire, she still manages to peer into the lens of a camera and give a photographer exactly what they need to capture a superb picture. With her family’s recent move to Washington state, she decided to open herself up to the possibility of more modeling work, including swimsuit modeling. We shot pictures on-site at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. Stephanie is a joy to work with and we hope to see her succeed in all areas in Washington state.

If you are interested in building your modeling portfolio, contact us today. We have a variety of packages from basic head shots to complete portfolio shoots.

Virginia Beach Model Portfolio Photography

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