Dance and Model Photography – Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Hurricane Maria was a terrible storm. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands were leveled by it. Fortunately, by the time Maria reached our latitude, she had weakened and stayed offshore. The results for our area were higher than normal tides, rough surf, and blustery winds. Conditions like this are unusual. We decided to take advantage of it to create these amazing¬†images of Jessica. We first did a fashion look. The gown caught the wind making beautiful lines in the fabric. After that, Jessica went to one of her dance costumes, also with a flowing skirt. In this case, we both went into the surf which became a challenge trying not to get knocked over by the powerful undertow. Cameras and salt water don’t mix. We finished with a long flowy length of fabric that mimicked the color of the surf foam and a few photos in the nearby dunes. We both had so much fun on this shoot. I hated to see it end.

Model Photography - Virginia Beach Oceanfront

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Lindsey – Model Portfolio Photography

Any portrait shoot, especially one for a model’s portfolio, is a collaboration between the subject and the photographer. In larger shoots, others may contribute as well such as a hair and makeup artist, stylist, agent, or art director. In this case, Lindsey had an idea of the type¬†of images she wanted. She created a Pinterest mood board so that she could share images similar to the style she was looking for. We agreed on two separate sessions. The first would be in our studio. These images would be dark and moody, including some props like a black fedora and a Japanese sword. Lindsey has a black belt in Karate, receiving the sword with her black belt.

Virginia Beach Model Photography

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